About Sarah郑雪梅

Wife to @markdewinne, Mother of Two, singer and songwriter @ SonyATV, ex-938LIVE radio DJ/host, creative entrepreneur & brand strategist at @relayroom.

bilingual singer-songwriter, wife to @markdewinne and mother of two beautiful ones, sarah is also an ex-radio dJ, emcee/host, brand strategist & creative entrepreneur and award-winning photographer.  

“Smart, sexy, funny, beautiful.” 

@markdewinne, award-winning designer & husband of Sarah

It's tough to put Sarah in a box — her multifaceted creative abilities extend from performing self-penned songs with a "delightfully soulful voice" (according to singer-songwriter Corrinne May) to developing client relationships and delivering on brand strategy for the award-winning Parable Studio; raising up two extremely musical children to hosting and moderating high-level corporate and commercial events. Besides producing her own music independently, Sarah's experiences as an ex-938LIVE DJ and Emcee/Host, involvement in the local photography community and theatre background gives a unique role to play in bringing people from various aspects of the arts, culture, music and design to create new possibilities together. 

If you can read Chinese, here's a few words for you to read about Sarah!

“Sarah浑厚独特的嗓音辨识度高,她的歌声有画面,唱歌的技巧成熟,是华语歌坛少见的优秀歌手,我期待她的作品在华语歌坛带来新的气象,加油 Sarah!!” ~ Gary Chen 陈美威, Director — Artist & Repertoire (Chinese Repertoire) Sony Music Entertainment (China) 艺人及制作总监,华语音乐事业部,索尼音乐娱乐(中国)

“Sarah具有华语乐坛女声中罕见的创作风格和自在的节奏感。 从她的音乐里能感受到醇厚、活力饱满的灵魂… 甚至她的人生旅程也能带给人们启发。我们早就需要这样的声音到来!” ~ Pehsun Su, A&R Manager, Sony/ATV Taiwan


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